• Improves performance, employee retention, and success
  • Provides legal information on diversity issues
  • Promotes a cooperative and respectful workforce
Jackie Baker's workshops:
  • Teach managers how to manage diverse groups effectively
  • Inform all employees of the laws governing diversity in the workplace
  • Help to create an awareness of the value of a diverse work force

Employees and Managers Learn:

  • The value of diversity to the organization, managers and employees
  • The differences between discrimination, harassment and diversity
  • What is legal and what is illegal - Title Seven and Affirmative Action
  • Surprising statistics on population changes in the United States
  • Insight into the impact of attitudes and behaviors on co-workers
  • How to minimize the influence of stereotypes and prejudice
    • Becoming aware of personal prejudice and stereotypes
    • Realizing the value of changing these attitudes
    • How to get beyond stereotypes to appreciation and cooperation
  • How diversity benefits them and the company in the international world of competition

Program Includes:

  • A thorough review of the company's existing policies, procedures and training
  • A recommended policy on harassment/discrimination/diversity for the company
  • A written guideline for the company's policies and procedures on harassment
  • Diversity awareness and skills training for all managers and supervisors
  • Workshops for all non-supervisory employees
Programs are Interactive and Results Oriented
Include a quiz, video situations and activities
Diversity Builds a Stronger Team and a Better Product
Let PowerPrez generate greater success for your business

Contact Jackie Baker at PowerPrez

24 Elan Lane
Wayne, PA 19087
Tel: 1-800-801-8315 * Fax: 610-647-6973

email to:jackiebaker@PowerPrez.com


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