Program Objective

A twelve-month (once a month) training program designed to give the skills required to raise the manager's ability to excel in managing people in the Year 2000.

Topics included in this course are:

Communicating Clearly: Essential to management--verbal and written communication skills

Managing Time: How and what to plan, Making Changes, Managing the time of others, Managing your time.

:Making Decisions Analyzing decision making, Reaching a decision, Implementing a decision.

Interviewing People: Preparing for, conducting and analyzing an interview.

Delegating Successfully: Understanding delegation, Delegating effectively, Monitoring progress.

Legal Concerns of Manager: Sexual Harassment, Equal Opportunity and Title VII, Role in Labor Relations

Motivating People: Analyzing motivation, Building up motivation, Getting the best from people, Rewarding achievement.

Managing Teams: Understanding how teams work. Setting up a team, improving team efficiency and working for the Future.

Managing Meetings: Using meetings effectively, preparing for a meeting, attending and chairing a meeting.

Presenting Successfully: Preparing a presentation. Preparing yourself, delivering a presentation and handling the audience.

Negotiating Successfully: Preparing for a negotiation. Conducting a negotiation and closing a negotiation.

Managing Change: Understanding change. Planning change, implementing change and Consolidating change.

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