Your Company Is At Risk


  • If you don't have strong policies about sexual harassment
  • If you don't have procedures for managers and employees to follow if sexual harassment occurs
  • If you have not provided training to inform managers and employees about your policies, procedures and what constitutes sexual harassment

Recent Supreme Court rulings have strengthened the laws in these areas. Courts award punitive damages of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars when companies like yours have not met the above requirements.

Protect Your Company- Protect Your Managers - Protect Your Employees

Jackie Baker's Programs Include:

  • Writing or revising your policies to insure they comply
  • Reviewing or establishing your procedures
  • Training your managers and employees with up-to-date legal information in a fast-paced, interactive format that does not focus on confrontation, but on understanding and cooperation



Jacqueline Baker is one of Pennsylvania's premier business development consultants specializing in sexual harassment prevention. Her programs have received outstanding reviews from firms around the country. She delivers up-to-date policies, procedures and training. What this means is a comprehensive "road map" to protect your firm from all harassment activities and to promote cooperation and acceptance on the part of all employees.

"Your Sexual Harassment prevention program for our organization will have a lasting and positive impact."" Edward M. D'Alba, P.E., President of Urban Engineers, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Baker's expertise on the legal aspects of harassment is based on continuing research and collaboration with a prestigious Philadelphia law firm considered one of the foremost firms successfully handling harassment cases. Jackie's extensive experience in varying fields of business and training has resulted in strong harassment prevention programs. These programs act as a training guide and policy and procedure resource to protect against punitive legal damages and to guard against the disruption and poor employee retention caused by harassment.

"I was impressed with the manner and technique Jackie used in making her presentations effective and useful" Cecil J. Tranquill, Ed. D. , Director of Human Resources, Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates, Pgh. PA

Sexual Harassment Training Package

The Courts have ruled that if a Company has a Sexual Harassment Policy, a Procedures Guideline in place, and has done training for its entire salesforce, the Company can remove itself from liability in the event of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

  • This four-point package contains the information and training necessary to prove to a court that your company does not tolerate sexual harassment and has done everything required to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.
  • PPI works with you to design a draft of a Policy which could be adapted for your Company.
  • PPI also helps you to formulate a Procedures Guideline, specifically designed for your company.
  • PPI does one seminar for the entire workforce. The seminar covers the rules which everyone should follow, and should be given to the entire workforce.
  • PPI does a second seminar, or workshop, designed for supervisors, managers and administrators. These are the guidelines and procedures which must be followed if a sexual harassment charge is made so as not to exacerbate the situation. It also emphasizes the special responsibilities of supervisory and management people.
  • Every company needs to protect itself by investing in this package. Not only does it send the proper message to the workforce, but it also gives you the security of knowing that you have done everything you could to protect your company from liability in the event of a Sexual Harassment lawsuit.

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